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Why BrandBrew?
Your brand story - defined & connecting

Ever wondered why only some brands become timeless and household-names? The brands that have defined their higher purpose and truly connect to a human value, are the only ones that stand the test of time.


It’s about crafting  and living your brand story; making sure you communicate all the right messages to all the right people, in all the right places. If you do that successfully, you heighten awareness of your brand; you drive trial of your product and service; and you create affinity and loyalty.

We offer a wealth of experience, industry know-how and tried and tested methods to build your brand story through a highly strategic approach that connects and put your brand in the minds, hearts and homes of consumers.

About Dr. Sumarie Schreiner

In recent years, my professional journey has taken me from business practice and consultancy to the realm of education. This transition has allowed me to contribute as a lecturer, specialising in advanced tertiary education modules focusing on Strategic Branding, Marketing, and Customer Experience.


Driven by a genuine passion for these subjects, I pursued and completed my Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme at the esteemed Swiss School of Management, with a research emphasis on Customer Experience Management (CXM).


Alongside my academic pursuits, I've earned accreditation as a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) from the Customer Experience Professional Association. Additionally, I've had the privilege of serving on the judging panel for the International Customer Experience Awards, providing valuable insights into the global impact of Customer Experience.


With over a decade of corporate experience, I've successfully led brand launches and developed branding solutions, customer experiences, and marketing strategies for prominent global companies. Through consultancy work across diverse industries, I've further refined my expertise.


My commitment to educating future professionals in these fields is unwavering. I strive to integrate my business acumen into education, shaping the next generation of leaders.


Join me as we explore and learn together on this journey.

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Some of the great brands we've been delivering great solutions for 

We've been delivering great solutions for great brands. From blue chip companies to specialist SMEs, we create the right solution for your brand and budget.

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- it's what we do
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