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Why BrandBrew?
Your brand story - defined & connecting

Ever wondered why only some brands become timeless and household-names? The brands that have defined their higher purpose and truly connect to a human value, are the only ones that stand the test of time.


It’s about crafting  and living your brand story; making sure you communicate all the right messages to all the right people, in all the right places. If you do that successfully, you heighten awareness of your brand; you drive trial of your product and service; and you create affinity and loyalty.

We offer a wealth of experience, industry know-how and tried and tested methods to build your brand story through a highly strategic approach that connects and put your brand in the minds, hearts and homes of consumers.

About Sumarie Schreiner

Passionate about what branding can do for a business, I found BrandBrew after more than 20+ years' experience in the industry.


After several years spent working in the UK, I returned to South Africa in 2000 and have since led a number of highly successful major brand launches, including Icon Oncology, RCS BNP Paribas,, RMB Private Bank,  World Design Capital 2014,  Snookums and Currency Partners, to name a few.


With a proven track record for delivering highly effective branding solutions, unique customer experiences, and marketing & communications strategies for blue-chip companies, through BrandBrew and our integrated network, we have been crafting creative solutions within numerous industries.

I acquired my CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) and ACXS (Accredited Customer Experience Specialist) accreditation and am proud to be serving on the International Customer Experience Awards judging panel. 


Recently, I've been lecturing on customer experience and marketing modules at various universities whilst completing my Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at the Swiss School of Management. 

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Some of the great brands we've been delivering great solutions for 

We've been delivering great solutions for great brands. From blue chip companies to specialist SMEs, we create the right solution for your brand and budget.

awareness   connecting   affinity   loyalty
- it's what we do
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